Hello, Everyone! 

The September Positive Life program invitation will also be extended to our providers for we have a particularly important topic that is being presented. The program "Booster recommendations, and Delta variant spread and surveillance" will be presented by Kim Saruwatari & Geoffrey Leung in association with Riverside County Dept of Public Health starting at 6:00PM on Tuesday, September 7th.

We hope to see you all there! 



Upcoming Positive Life Program dates

10/05/21 - "Medicare & ACA plans" with Brian Bilhartz & Cesar Perez.

11/02/21- "Wasting in HIV" with Marc Vincent

12/07/21- "Healthy Sex & STDs" with Phyllis Ritchie, MD

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COVID Study Announcement 

The amfAR HIV-COVID Recovery study is ready to go. 

We are enrolling people living with HIV (or their HIV-negative friends, partners, etc) who have had a positive COVID-19 swab within the last month prior to enrollment in the study. This may be ambitious, but we can enroll in any of the lower 48 states--including Delta variant hotspots--so we are casting the widest net possible. 

The study website can be viewed here. People can sign up for a call from the study team using this site. Spanish-speaking study staff are available for those who want to participate in Spanish.

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The purpose of the Council is to ensure the development of a client-centered, comprehensive continuum of care for persons living with HIV disease (PLWH) throughout the TGA. In doing so, the Council provides effective planning for the TGA and promotes development of HIV/AIDS health services, personnel, and facilities that meet identified health and support service needs in a cost-effective manner, reduce inefficiencies, and address the needs of uninsured, underinsured, and low-income HIV infected individuals.

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