Part 1 Monday July 27th 6-7:30 pm

Part 2 Monday September 14th 6-7:30 pm

Part 3 Monday November 16th 6-7:30 pm

Goals of the Program:

  • Increased understanding of the various forms of individual and systematic consumer involvement, and identification of appropriate methods of involvement in clinical QI activities.
  • Increased awareness of basic HIV care and treatment terminologies.
  • Increased knowledge related to health numeracy, health literacy, and performance measurement.
  • Exposure to other patients, consumer quality leaders, and peer experts in patient involvement.

Community Partners-How can your Clients get involved?

  • Please identify 2 or more consumers from your agency who you believe might be a good fit for this program and ask them to complete and submit the one page registration form for CARG. See attached.
  • The CARG Consumer Involvement Committee ( Yes, I just gave you guys a name…those of you helping to put this together. Thank you!) will reach out to each participant and we will make sure that they understand how and when to join the meetings.
  • Please note that Spanish speaking clients are encouraged to join, as well as PreP patients. The meeting will be “Status Neutral”, meaning there is assumption or identification of who is or is not HIV positive in the group.
  • We recognize the importance of the Consumer voice in Ending the HIV Epidemic. Please know how much we appreciate your efforts.

Current CARG Consumer Partners

  • Thank you for joining our Quality Improvement group and we look forward to working together more throughout the remainder of the year. Please save the dates and be on the lookout for more information regarding the upcoming webinar series.


About Us

The purpose of the Council is to ensure the development of a client-centered, comprehensive continuum of care for persons living with HIV disease (PLWH) throughout the TGA. In doing so, the Council provides effective planning for the TGA and promotes development of HIV/AIDS health services, personnel, and facilities that meet identified health and support service needs in a cost-effective manner, reduce inefficiencies, and address the needs of uninsured, underinsured, and low-income HIV infected individuals.

Contact Details

3041 N Sierra Way, San Bernardino, CA
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